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  • Daniil Khanin
    Founder, CEO & COO
    ex-CEO Crossss (acquired by LeadHit); more than 5 years of experience at startup's analytics; unit-economics GuRu; Master degree at physics, 6 years of Russian Academy of Science.
  • Serg Zaigraeff
    CEO, ex-game designer; producer, game designer ; analyst in social casino startup.
  • Konstantin Veselov
    More than 10 year experience: PHP, GO, JS, C++, C#, HTML, SQL.
  • Tatiana Dolgopolova
    Financial analysis and reporting expert with 17 years of experience, exHead of methodology department Polyus (LSE: PLZL), Uralchem. Made finance clear for one of the world biggest gold mining company.
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