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  • Daniil Khanin
    Founder, CEO & CPO
    World\'s leading expert in the application of unit economics to product development management, author of financial modelling methodology using unit economics and Goldratt\'s theory of constraints.Author of the book Unit Economics for Startups and Businesses.
  • Serg Zaigraeff
    CEO, ex-game designer; producer, game designer ; analyst in social casino startup.
  • Konstantin Veselov
    More than 10 year experience: PHP, GO, JS, C++, C#, HTML, SQL.
  • Tatiana Dolgopolova
    Product manager and data expert with a solid background in finance reporting and analysis, exHead of methodology department at Polyus (LSE: PLZL), Uralchem. More than 20 years of experience in making financial and other data clear for companies in various industries (gold mining, fertilizer production, construction, retail etc.)
  • Anna Galaeva
    Senior-level Finance Manager with +15 years of related experience in accounting and finance. Skilled in gathering and analysing data, performing monthly review of financial information.
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